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During Summer of 2006, I spent two months from June to July photographing the moon every night. The first month, May 27 to June 25, I missed 10 of the 28 days (7 due to clouds, 2 due to technical difficulties at the telescope). The second month, June 27 to July 24, I missed 8 of the 28 days, but I was able to fake the last day by modifying the next-to-last image, and I was able to substitute an image I'd taken of a 6% moon before, and then use that to fake the 2% moon at the beginning of the cycle. That's why the second one only has 5 holes in it.

The preview image above is 4" across. The original moon images are 100" across, though they were shrunk to 10" for the compilation, which was made to be 80" across and can be made poster quality upon request. The larger image presented when you click on the preview image is shrunk to 20" across.

Technical Information
Image Date Various
Exposure Details Various length; ISO 100
Number of Images Various
Camera Canon EOS Digital Rebel XT
Telescope 16" SBO Telescope at CU Boulder