Other Astrophotography Links - The Best of the Best

AstroMeeting - This is a site built and maintained by Stefan Seip in Germany. His photographs are simply amazing. He uses top-notch (and every expensive) equipment and though he lives in Stuttgart, he travels to many locations with excellent atmospheric conditions for photography.

Astronomy Picture of the Day - Astronomy Picture of the Day was started in 1996 and displays an astronomy image daily along with a short explanation. The images are submitted by anyone and everyone, including amateurs, professionals, and major observatories.

Kitt Peak's Advanced Observing Program - Kitt Peak used to be the best optical (visual spectrum) observing site in the world, though it has recently been eclipsed by sites such as at Mauna Kea in Hawaii and sites in Chili and Australia. It has a nightly observing program for the public, and it has a more expensive "Advanced Observing Program" where you can go and use the telescope at the visitor center all night in order to take photographs. This site has the best of the best photographs that were taken during that program.

General Photography

Digital Photography Review - If you want to buy a camera, or are thinking of buying a camera, or want to know about a camera, then this is your site. I've used it to buy my two cameras, and it contains excellent reviews, a buying guide, and forums for all different types of cameras.

Guide to Astrophotography

Astronomical Cameras: A Guide to Astrophotography - This site has numerous links that describe the history, equipment, and methods of astrophotography, and it also has several links to other photography websites.