Sunset Movie

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When Mercury transited the Sun on November 8, 2006, the event lasted until about 3:40 in Boulder, CO, ending about 90 minutes prematurely because the Sun set behind the mountains. However, since I was already set up to photograph (and had been photographing) for over 3 hours, I spent a few extra minutes and took a picture of the Sun setting with my solar filter.

The result was a near 2-minute event, photographed every 15 seconds (so 8 frames), and made into a movie. Since the solar filter was on my camera, what you see is the Sun's disk (with a rather large sunspot around the 10:30 position) passing behind a silhouette of trees.

Each frame is made of 5 averaged images, taken at 1/250 sec each, with a 1000 mm f/16 lens on my Canon Digital Rebel 350D XT camera.