Constellation - Aquila

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This is the first astrophoto I took with my new lens that I did "right." There's not too much explanation for this, but I very unfortunately flat-fielded out most of the Milky Way. And because of the moon and where this constellation is, I'm not sure I'll get another shot at this in 2007. Oh yeah, and I got about half of the very small constellation Delphinus.

Object Constellation - Aquila
Common Name The Eagle
Date, Time, & Moon August 16, 2007, 11:00 PM; No Moon
Location SBO Telescope at CU Boulder
Optics 35 mm lens; f/1.8
Camera Canon Digital Rebel 350D XT; ISO 100
Exposure Time 600 seconds total; 15 30-second stacked exposures plus 5 30-second stacked diffraction spike exposures
Optical Correction Dark- and Flatframe-Correction
Camera Position Normal Camera Lens
Guiding Passive Clock Drive on Equatorial Mount
Processing Details PhotoShop CS - Aligned and averaged color channels; Levels, Curves, and added star glow
Image Size approx. 35.2° by 27.4°
Magnitude Depth Unknown
Notes My first really serious tests of my 35 mm f/1.4L lens on constellations.