Moon with Foreground Trees

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Looking back on some of the moon photos I had taken, I liked the "Moon with Mars" scene I did back in 2003. It is nearly impossible to actually expose both the moon and any foreground object properly in the same shot, so I had never tried to actually re-do that photo. Until Summer 2007.

I used my relatively new Canon 430EX flash unit set on full power with the diffuser on, set my camera on a tripid, and attempted to duplicate the shot I had taken over 4 years earlier. I then superimposed a photo of the moon in because the moon wasn't out that night. The result is this image.

Technical Information
Object Moon with Foreground Trees
Common Name --
Date, Time June 1, 2007
Location Cincinnati, OH
Optics 34 mm lens; moon through 16" telescope
Camera Canon Digital Rebel 350D XT
Exposure Details 1/200 second; ISO 100; and flash for foreground trees
Optical Correction No Dark- nor Flatframe-Correction
Camera Position N/A
Guiding None - Tripod Mounted
Processing Details None
Image Size N/A
Magnitude Depth N/A
Notes None.