Moon with Mars During Mars' Closest Approach

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In March of 2003, Mars made its closest approach to Earth in something like 60,000 years. So it was really bright. Before my college junior year, I was home in Cincinnati, OH for Summer Vacation and on August 14, 2003, I took three images with my Canon PowerShot S30 camera. The first was a flash photo directly upward that lasted 1/60 sec (7 mm equivalent lens), and it gives the trees foreground. The second was a 3x optical zoom (21 mm equivalent lens) on the moon that was 1/250 sec, and the third was a focus on Mars, at 1/2 sec. I then compiled them for this image (clickable for a larger version).

Technical Information
Image Date August 14, 2003
Exposure Length 1/2, 1/60, and 1/250 seconds
Number of Images 3 combined
Camera Canon PowerShot S30
Telescope None